Let Us Buy Your Airplane

Consider selling your aircraft to Hanger Aviation, where we strive to preserve your most valuable asset: your time. Experience stress-free closings in less than 5 days, and we are more than willing to meet you at your airport for added convenience.

While discussing your aircraft with potential buyers may seem enjoyable, the truth is that transitioning a buyer from inquiry to closure involves substantial effort — a considerable amount of work. Don’t allow the process of selling your plane to transform a passion into a time-consuming task. Let an experienced dealership like Hanger Aviation do the heavy lifting for you.



NO: 1

Reach out to us to start a conversation about your aircraft. You have the option to fill out our user-friendly form available above, or give us a call. This initial discussion is helps us understand all the specifications and details of your aircraft.


NO : 2

By leveraging our deep understanding of the market, we appraise your aircraft to ensure it's neither undervalued nor overpriced. Our thorough evaluation accurately reflects your aircraft's quality and market standing, guaranteeing a fair and competitive price. Rely on our skilled team to formulate an offer that stimulates a swift sale.


NO: 3

After reaching an agreement on a price range, we promptly arrange to meet at your convenience. Hanger Aviation offers unparalleled flexibility, ensuring we can meet at a time that works best for you.


NO : 4

Upon arriving at your airport, our team immediately begins a pre closing inspection of your plane. Unlike other buyers, we effectively use our knowledge of the industry to minimize wasted time. Our process typically includes a review of the logbooks and a brief cosmetic check of the aircraft, ensuring a quick yet comprehensive evaluation.


NO: 5

Following the inspection, we finalize all necessary paperwork, and execute a safe and secure transfer of funds. At Hanger Aviation, we handle every detail with precision and care, making sure everything is in order for a hassle-free transaction.